www.quickteller.com How To Create Quickteller Account


www.quickteller.com How To Create Quickteller Account: Quickteller is a financial site developed by the interswitch to helps you do a online transfer of funds, pay bills, buy airtime on your mobile phone no matter the network you are using. www.quickteller.com is a platform where all those can been done. it is use at you homes, offices, schools, and you can pay anything on using quickteller.

How Create quickteller Account www.quickteller.com
Before you owe a quickteller you should first create the quickteller account and the way to create a quickteller account is what i will be explaining to you in a few moment.
Firstly you should have a valid email address and a valid phone number.
* visit www.quickteller.com
* Click on register
* after the quickteller registration page is open you are expected to fill in the following information
* Your email: in this part in quickteller you are expected to put in the valid email.
* First Name: this is the part you put in your name
* Other Names: In this place you are expected to put another name of yours
* Phone Number: this is where you put in your mobile number
Password: Here you are expected to put in at least 6 characters with different combination will be better.
* You Introduced you To Quickteller: in the part you can fill the person who introduce you to quickteller.
* finally you are to click submit, once this is done a message confirmation message will be send to you email and you should go and confirm.

Having followed the above steps accordingly then you now successfully create quickteller account, this now give you all access to make use of your ATM Card to transfer money at the comfort of your house, your office and make payment to anyone within the shores of this country.

Having quickteller is one of the easiest way to transfer money from one person to another just by visiting www.quickteller.com everything will be taken care off. when you are on www.quickteller.com interswitch limited Nigeria.

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