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www.whatsapp.com |How To Download Whatsapp On Android Phone: One thing you should know is that Whatsapp is a social network, and you can use to communicate with friends, also with family including people working with you in the same company or investment. You can have the communication either as a group, or with the same persons in an organization or maybe with people who share the same interest.

www.whatsapp.com  is the official website where you can download whatsapp from and whatsapp have so many features, The features in whatsapp is what I will be using this medium to share  with you, so that you should know more and more about those great quality whatsapp can offer, so that when you are downloading it from the official website which is www.whatsapp.com, you should know how to make use it and how you communicate with friends using the same whatsapp.

Whatsapp is social network is very important for an individual and also group communication, the use of whatsapp is not left out social network. this lesson on how to download whatsapp on android phone will be an interesting lesson. downloading whatsapp on android phone to most people it is a due stress because they think of the login offline and also login online before receiving message sent to them by their friends.

The way to Download Whatsapp is by visiting www.whatsapp.com and follow the instruction you can now download whatsapp messenger but mind you, it is free, you do not need to pay any thing before you download

Download Whatsapp On Android Phone using www.whatsapp.com or google play Store

  • Click on this link www.whatsapp.com or click on download whatsapp messenger. You can also visit google play store on your android phone.
  • You are expected to enter your name.
  • You are to also enter your location
  • Put in your nickname
  • You are allow to upload your photo.

Whatsapp is a platform where you can send everything and anything you feel like sending to someone in your phone contact list but the person should be on whatsapp as well. On whatsapp, you can share information to another whatsapp user at the other end of the world. The use of whatsapp is not just for fun you can also use it to do business with others and keep you marketing plans going while you can also place your product on whatspp. This platform can build your business in a way that everyone can keep in touch with.

Features of whatsapp, www.whatsapp.com

There are so many outstanding features on whatsapp and also with favorite spot: favorites are those place on whatsapp where those who you always keep in touch are kept for you to easy you communication when you are using  blackberry phone but for an android phones like techno or infinix phones they do not have favorite platform where whatsapp contact are kept.

But in other phone like blackberry bold, a favorite platform, contacts you communicate with often are expect to be there not only those on your whatsapp list. There is also anther feature on whatsapp and it is called the contact, this is where everyone who share whatsapp with you and also those whose numbers are in your phones are kept. on whatsapp where numbers are kept is called contact.

The Status, this is where whatsapp write and keep so many default status and in that platform you are expected to change and also write, edit and put your own status and you can choose the one you which to make use off as your own status message.

You can Learn How To Use Waptrick Download to Music| Videos

Many do not understand what status is, but it is a way you can indirectly send a message to your contact on whatsapp, and it is also a way you can directly do the same. Setting is a place where you can set something. In setting you see about whatsapp, you then see profile info. This is where the profile photo is placed and that is also you can change and put your screen name. The next is Account  in account you can see Privacy Settings where you can block who ever you want to block and also unblock them. In that seem place you can choose you let friends see your photo or you can hid it for them to see.

In that account setting can change your whatsapp number, in this place you can do a number swap and keep one number and hid another number. This is where you can change your whatsapp number and let people use your most important number to be communicating with everyone.

Whatsapp call is another feature in whatsapp and it is found in android phones. This whatsapp calls helps you call friends and family in whatsapp but this can be down to those who are on whatsapp call. Those phone who can do whatsapp calls. The advantages of this whatsapp call is where by one make use of whatsapp call and the payment of this call is debited on your data bundle not the unit call.

When you download whatsapp sometimes it is very difficult to install it this is done because the whatsapp plan should be paid by your subscription.

How To Use Whatsapp Voice Call to Make Calls: It is no longer a news that whatsapp has been taken over by a new CEO this has brought an amazing development to whatsapp, among one of this outstanding upgrade is what call whatsapp voice call. Ah don’t sigh i know voice call is not something new, but when you see a social network develop something new it is something to shout about. If you are not shouting i know i am because am fully amazed about whatsapp voice call, when i first heard i wasn’t too surprise because i know what the new CEO is capable of doing.

Whatsapp is not just in a few country, but rather whatsapp is almost in all countries all over the world. this is not just in one country it provide voices call to all whatsapp user all over the world. Every country whatsapp find itself, the country enjoys the benefit that is accompanied with whatsapp and the latest is called whatsapp voice call. if you are on whatsapp and you know that most of your friend are on whatsapp both friends and family you should know that whatsapp voice call is the best option to be now, it is the long awaiting on the Lord for. yes its true, you can use the whatsapp voice call and you will pay nothing to your service provide; is this not cheap? whatsapp voice call has come to cheapen calls for every one whose country service provider call rate are in a high side because at this time your airtime or your call unit will not be deducted but rather this whatsapp voice call will be make through the MB or GB you have on your mobile phone.

How To Use Whatsapp Voice Call to Make Calls: If you know that one day whatsapp will be introducing something like this you will not be surprise, so lets on with the benefit and the reason why whatsapp has chosen this path to call whatsapp user. When you don’t have call unit on your phone you can still go ahead and call that special someone is as much both of you can still go ahead and call that special someone in as much both of you are in whatsapp and in as much but of you are in whatsapp voice call, and also you have a mb on your phone and the mb rate charge is very cheap that is it what we call free gift.

When you don’t have whatsapp on your phone you are missing out of this great benefit just visit www.whatsapp.com or www.whatsapp/download and download whatsapp , continue your whatsapp voice call and start calling, start texting, and chatting with the special someone that understand you and that person should also enjoy the outstanding benefit that fellows the great social network.

How To Use Whatsapp Voice Call to Make Calls: How to activate whatsapp voice call the word to activate means to enable, so in a computer language we make use of activate i hope you understand. How to activate Whatsapp voice call you should first download whatsapp after that make sure your whatsapp program is running on your phone, that means you should know, make sure you have mb or data plan and download whatsapp latest version or the latest edition
Step To Enable Whatsapp Voice Call
Download whatsapp latest version
Ask someone whose whatsapp voice call is enable to place a call to you on your whatsapp
Answer the  interface the whatsapp voice call
Once all this are done, three (3) tab will been seen on your whatsapp link, one of which is whatsapp calls, the other is whatsapp chat and the third is content. As soon as all this three (3)

How To Use Whatsapp Voice Call to Make Calls Feature appears than you should know that whatsapp voice call has been activated or whatsapp voice call has been enabled. For you to know the whatsapp call tab, it will show, your detailed call log also will be shown, it will show you your call log also it will show you a dial. icon to show that this number can be dialed or has been dialed www.whatsapp.com here come to give us a modern technology and many more technology will be coming. so if i am you, i will stick to www.newscity.com.ng as we provide more outstanding feature on technology upgrade.

How To Download Whatsapp www.whatsapp.com: whatsapp is not like viber or any other social network, we will take time to discuss viber later, but the truth is that all social network has it own unique feature because the writer or the programmer or the developer has is own unique qualities. the function and feature of Download whatsapp is different, there are steps to download whatsapp in your phone, which we will be discussing shortly but before i let the cat out of the basket, i will be telling you that whatsapp have a feature which that is voice note.

The feature voice note this allows you to send message i mean to send a voice message to another person who is on whatsapp messenger or have Download whatsapp. there is another feature, this is to send video to other person on the other end of Download whatsapp, this lets you send videos that is not more than 9mb to be sent to another person at the other. Download whatsapp  can be use to send file such as photo, short movies, if the mb is below 9mb.

Download whatsapp this do not make us of pin or username, what is uses if your mobile number, any you who have you mobile number can also call you, so are advice not to send message to those who you hardly know because you are giving them your phone number. Download whatsapp automatically give you access to see some online if you have the person mobile number.

I remember a question years ago a lady ask me, she said do i need username to Download whatsapp on my phone i ask her where she got the idea from. she said her friend said she should give her whatsapp username. when i heard this i didn’t laugh i only told her Downloading whatsapp do not require username, i don’t know where she got this kind of information from, maybe she is thinking is 2go application. this is to tell you that download whatsapp do not need username before some add you in the list what they need is you mobile phone.

How To Download Whatsapp on www.whatsapp.com: To Download whatsapp what you need is to visit the official whatsapp website which is list above or click on it and you will be redirected to where you can Download whatsapp. when you Download whatsapp you can use another number for whatsapping and other number for calls on the same phone, you when how possible (www.whatsapp.com). if you want to use another phone number please go to setting choose change phone number, put the new number and make sure all numbers are in a phone i mean online so that when whatsapp send you a code because that code you will need it on
your post. fellow the following steps click on the link below, to Download whatsapp www.whatsapp.com/download. congratulation welcome to Download whatsapp

How To Use Whatsapp Voice Call to Make Calls: many whatsapp users do not know that this whatsapp voice call has come to better they calling rate, making conversation between friends less expensive and getting the great connection. one of the reason we whatsapp users try to know that we do not really share us the use of the opportunity to make thing cheap. lets say you have five (5) friends and they all are in whatsapp do you really think you will spend more to call them from your call rate charge. most service provide will be really not happy about this development because the people using whatsapp are more.

let say two different network which calling each other calling rate is very high and at this time you now learn How To Use Whatsapp Voice Call to Make Calls will they charge you for calling that special friend of yours? the answer is not at all. so i will not have you ignorant concerning this great topic i believe is within my power to teach you that the best way to use your service provider is to stick to whatsapp voice call. this is the best and great step for whatsapp and every users of this great social network.

If you follow the above steps to will know How To Use Whatsapp Voice Call to Make Calls so go ahead and start learning whatsapp voice call be the best in the great opportunity and teach your friends, help the activate theirs and let us start calling our family member but in local and internationally. Yes that is why whatsapp induce whatsapp sim card yeah oh yeah another great step to use whatsapp not been used by service provider whose call rate are very expensive

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