www.whatsapp.com – How To Lock whatsapp on Android Phone


www.whatsapp.com – How To Lock whatsapp on Android Phone: The use of Whatsapp on android phones is what everyone using android is now on instead of the BBM right they were able to purchase. whatsapp  is a social network and in  every social media  there are means of communication  with your other friends in the same platform. We are making out our times to discuss and share the ideas about what you may have to know and do when you are with some friends. When you have friends and you notice that everyone like holding your phone and you to keep it private, your android phone allows you to lock your whatsapp from another person and to keep the access to just you.Android phone gives an individual the opportunity to lock their whatsapp from anyone or from another person to have access to your whatsapp message, i believe with this information that we  are sharing to you, you will now know how you can lock your whatsapp from another. You can also lock all the application on your Android phone from anyone to have access to it. We are giving you the information you need to know on lock your application on your android phone. And you can also learn how to lock all social network on your phone such as application is whatsapp, blackberry messenger and also Facebook messenger.

Do you need to visit www.whatsapp.com before you can lock before you can Lock whatsapp on Android Phone, in doing so it works with an application and that application is what you need to download. In a simple details i will be telling you the most common apps that is need for you to lock your whatsapp from another person, or use the same application to lock any other apps on your android phone, including your pictures, videos  from someone to have permitted access to those information you wish to keep secret.

Just in a few lines below i will be taking time to share How To Lock whatsapp on Android Phone, and the steps do not require www.whatsapp.com. The ways you can lock other application  that is on your android phones. The information you need know is for you to follow the below steps, and you can be able to download the apps not on www.whatsapp.com, so i want you to now learn on How To Lock whatsapp into your  Android Phone to keep friends from having access to your message.

If you are actually looking for a ways to lock your whatsapp from another person  the you have entered the right site, so with this information you can now share to every members of your family and also with friends including

Ways on How To Lock whatsapp On Android Phone Without Having To  visiting www.whatsapp.com
1. Firstly you should Open your Play store
2. Secondly you should Search for AppLock and then install it
3. Thirdly you should Open the ApplLock then choose whatsapp and then lock
4. Fourthly you need to Specify whether you are using code or you are using partner.
5. Finally you should Accept, if you want everything apps lock then accept everything other app and put on.


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