www.yahoomail.com – Create Yahoo Mail Account

www.yahoomail.com – Create Yahoo Mail Account

www.yahoomail.com – Create Yahoo Mail Account: the official site of yahoomail is www.yahoomail.com, yahoomail is a mailing platform where an individual can use to send mail from one person to another, including companies or industries can make use of yahoo mail by login to www.yahoomail.com. In this article I will be teaching you how you can create yahoomail account making use of the official website which is  www.yahoomail.com. We can also take time to know the benefit of yahoomail and how it can help improve the way you communicate with friends outside your reach.

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Below I will be taking the time out to explain how you can Create Yahoo mail Account on www.yahoomail.com , but the truth is that the act of you creating yahoomail account is what we call yahoomail registration. Whenever you hear yahoomail registration it also means to create yahoomail. The page you register your yahooomail account is called yahoomail registration page and should have login to www.yahoomail.com.

Steps on How to Create Yahoo mail Account on www.yahoomail.com

If you are creating your yahoomail account is  called Yahoomail Registration, you should know that at the registration page there are information you are expected to give when you are filling the form provide for you at the official portal www.yahoomail.com and do your yahoomail registration.

First Name: this part is where you are ask to put your name for example: First Name: John
Last Name: This part you are to put in your last name, and your last name is your surname. Your last name is known to be your surname. Last Name: Goodluck
Yahoo Username or Yahoomail ID: this is where you are to fill in your email address at this part you are to pick a name that has not been use by yahoomail before and even if they have been used yahoo mail will suggest to you the one that is related using your name to form it and give you to choose from the it. Some registration page call it yahoo ID or Yahoomail ID. Yahoo username:johngoodluckary, that is your yahoomail will end up be johngoodluckary@yahoo.com
Password: this is where you should put in your hidden code known to you alone and that what you will be using to access the mail and if I should advice your password is like you ATM Card pin, so you are expected to keep it safe from anyone. As yahoomail is concern your password should be above six (6) characters which should be known by you. Password: mavel20004, and when it is typed it will appear like this: xxxxxxxxxx.
Mobile Number: here is where you put in your mobile phone number and when you are doing is the space provide will also allow you to choose the country code. This where you start putting your country but the default country code you see is United State of America, with the colour of the flag and when you are choosing your country code you will see your country flag; for example Mobile Number:  2348032503651
Birthday: in this part you are to put in your date of birthday starting from your  month and follow by the day and before your year. January 01 2011.
Gender: in gender you are to choose and mark the box of who you are both there is no room for both or others. It is either you choose male or female. Gender Male ()  Female ()
Recovery Number (Optional): this part is optional it is either you put it or you do not it is an optional part.
Alternative Email (Optional): this is where you are to choose whether you should put the alternative email, but if you do you should know that this is not for yahoomail. The part allows you to put an email that is not yahoomail so that when you are trying to recover your email or trying to get back your password if you misplace it, the alternative email is where yahoomail will send it to if you are doing password recovery.
Security Question: in the part you are to choose the kind of question you want yahoomail to ask you are you are to also provide the answer to the question that you choose. There are so many security question and let me list some for you. What is your pet name? and answer should be what you feel you can remember because all this helps you to recover password. Security Question: what is your pet name: Answer: faithful.
Terms and Conditions: this part you are to accept the service terms and condition you should agree to it. But in a real world you are expected to read through the terms and condition of services, but it is a delay in reading through it. The bottom line is that do you want yahoomail account? If your answer is that accept the terms and condition.
Finally Submit: this part is where you click on submit and your Yahoomail Registration page will be sent to the data base and if there is any error it will bounce back with red hightlight so that you can correct before you submit again. But if everything is fine then your Yahoomail Registration has been successful. Yahoomail will then congratulate you for the successful of your Yahoomail Registration. mind you are should use the official portal www.yahoomail.com.
Continue: this part is not part of Yahoomail Registration but it is the final thing you are to click before your mail will be open to you and yahoomail will then send you three (3) messages to welcome you to yahoomail platform.

Yahoomail Registration is the act of creating yahoomail on www.yahoomail.com and with this I will take out time to teach you how make use of yahoomail, so that you can enjoy the benefit in the Yahoomail Registration processes. When you are register for yahoo mail you should know that yahoo mail have both www.yahoomail.com or www.yahoomail.ca there is also www.yahoomail.co.uk and every part that is listed can be gotten during the process whereby you are doing your Yahoomail Registration on www.yahoomail.com.

And sometimes it may not be the Yahoo mail Registration process or Yahoo mail Registration page, it may be the country you are from and that is if your doing your Yahoomail Registration from United State that is you should be using www.yahoomail.com and if you’re using United Kingdom in the Yahoo mail Registration that is it will be www.yahoomail.co.uk instead of the normal www.yahoomail.com. That is your email address will be gracepeppd@yahoo.co.uk

Yahoomail is for everyone including for student and workers. it is not for some set of persons or for a some workers. those who are into business do not need a customize mail because yahoomail is design to serve every purpose. It is the best place to be and I tell you it is still the most wonderful online mailing site. I create a mail with yahoo i used barbarian as the password after so many years past I have to charge the password from barbarian to a better one but in doing so i may have to know the mail details. It was my first yahoomail and at that time my account was deactivated, and at now i need it because there were other inportant information on that mail at that time. but I could no longer login yahoomail account and am already at www.yahoomail.com. I could no longer sign in to www.yahoomail.com with my first yahoomail account, so I was disappointed but I noticed that technology do not leave one hopeless so I reactive the account; so if you have a account with yahoo mail and its not active please visit www.yahoomail.com and you will be able to fix it. As long you remember the details like your security question that they asked you.

How To Switch Back To Old Yahoo Mail Classic – www.yahoomail.com have a Yahoo Mail Classic remind me of when I first open my yahoo mail, that was around 2001, it was something I love and like because it is not because it was yahoo mail but because it was my first mail on the internet, to me I have arrived; I have join the world of internet I can now send me and receive mail, but it was an over rated experience. I was happy though due to the yahoo mail benefit which was one yahoo messenger to me then I have come alive with the internet world.

One of the thing I love about Yahoo Mail Classic on www.yahoomail.com because it was very easy to use, I like it and it was not complicated at all, Yahoo Mail Classic is easy to connect not like the new yahoo mail upgrade all in the name of technology. The problem with this yahoo mail is that this yahoo mail need java script in other for it to function very well properly as you may say it, but they can both be accessable on www.yahoomail.com

When I use my mobile phone as a modem in other for me to have internet connection most at times due to the slow in network I notice a big bug when am trying to login to new yahoo mail. It is not surprising some of you most or should have lost sight on how the Yahoo Mail Classic is but I will be able to show and return you to the old yahoo mail, then you will know that it is very simple when you are using it.

Many of my friends call me old school the truth is that when I get use to a particular thing do not upgrade it over and allow it to lost the way it use to be, so when I started using yahoomail I enjoy Yahoo Mail Classic and when yahOo introduce this new version I truly hated it because the upgrade was just two much. Its like when 2go upgrade their version from 2.0 to 5.1 version, josh! I hated such a change, so when www.yahoomail.com changed it made me hate it maybe that is the reason am stock with gmail I would not know. Yahoo didn’t just throw away the Yahoo Mail Classic at first, they left a way you can go back or switch back to Yahoo Mail Classic. But letter I discover that yahoo mail remove the option you can use to return to the old yahoo mail which is the Yahoo Mail Classic so the way it is; its not the way like it, but they have to do it in a way to have to stock with their new ideas.

I have to ready up something online, where I discover the slim trick where by anyone can switch back to Yahoo Mail Classic. This trick demands you to disable javascript not the one that came with the new yahoomail, java script you should disable it is jave script of your web browser. My web browser? Oh yes your web browser. I know you may not know how to disable java script on your web browser that is why am here to guide you through this process. Do not ask me what is in for me meaning what is my gain, it is my duty is to make sure you have a nice time on the internet doing that alone my joy is fulfilled.

www.yahoomail.comHow To Switch Back To Old Yahoo Mail Classic is one of the best at that time so it will bring me joy to see you on Yahoo Mail Classic and to see Yahoo Mail Classic back to the using ways to every one should have a knowledge on how to switch back to Yahoo Mail Classic. I will be given you some step below if you fellow the step very well you will be able to enable and disable the jave script on your browser, turning the new yahoo mail to the old yahoomail which is called Yahoo Mail Classic.

By the ideal I have gotten I will be telling you how to switch back to Yahoo Mail Classic but remember I told you that yahoo dud everything possible to make sure we are stock to new yahoo mail and every one accept the new yahoo mail and the only way to go back to the old yahoo mail which is Yahoo Mail Classic is to disable the jave script on your browser not on yahoo mail but on your browser. I will be sharing two to three browser how you can disable the java script so that you can turn to Yahoo Mail Classic

How To Turn Off Java Script on SAFARI To Enable You Switch Back To Old Yahoo Mail Classic on www.yahoomail.com
* you are to go to “Settings”
* you then need to choose “Preferences” in preference dialog box
* you should click on “Security” in the security dialog box it will show Enable Java
* you should now click on “Enable Java” in other to disable java script
That is how you disable java script on SAFARI; below I will be also sharing on how you can disable java script on Firefox. All this process is to enable you make use of yahoo mail classic.

How To Turn off Java Script on Firefox To Enable Switch Back To Old Yahoo Mail Classic on www.yahoomail.com
In other for you to use yahoo mail classic on firefox you should be able to follow my instruction carefully so you can get what you want which is switching back to yahoo mail classic
* one you should first open “Tools” menu
* at the tool pull down menu click on “Option”
* in option dialog box choose “Content”
* in content dialog box you will “Enable Java Script” so click on it to un- make enable jave script.
Wow congratulation you can now use yahoo mail classic
How to Turn off Java Script for Internet Explorer
I remember when I started using the internet it was internet explorer almost all Nigerian used before the use of fox I mean firefox came up
* firstly you should click on “Tool”
* next you should click on “Internet Option”
* you are to click on “Security”
* in security dialog box, click on “Custom Level”
* then you are to move down that is to say scroll down then you should disable “Active Scripting” in that script section. When those are done you can now login to www.yahoomail.com and enjoy yahoo mail classic

NOTE: when this is down, you are to login to yahoo mail, it will take you to yahoo mail classic, but if you are already in your yahoo mail that is the new yahoo mail just refresh your page it will display yahoo mail classic. As you refresh your yahoo mail page, it will display an instruction for you on the screen which “Return to previous version of yahoo mail” when you see that information click on it and it will take you to yahoo mail classic

Here is an important information.
You have to return back the way you turn off the java script and turn on your jave script, as following the above step in turning it off to turn it back on. Failure to do so your browser will start misbehaving. When this step are followed you will end up getting what you want; but recent research has shows that there is a better way because of the upgrade in world of technology.

New Step To Disable Java Script and Use Yahoo Mail Classic on www.yahoomail.com
This partner is all thanks to Don Caprio who shares this ideas
* at the upper bar on firefox where Jave Script is installed it is Jave Script Disabler/Re -enablier it is at the right conner on your toolbar. So you should then click on button to disable Java Script temporarily.
* then you are to login to yahoo mail
* you are then to click on continue button
* click on the like which point you or says continue without upgrade java script
* after this you are to log out your yahoo mail
* so after you have logout from yahoo mail you are to re-enable Java script through the FF instead Addie on the tool bar
* log back to www.yahoomail.com and in doing so you will end up getting Yahoo Mail Classic on www.yahoomail.com. I know there is stress but the truth is that nothing good comes out so easy. For you to get Yahoo Mail Classic on www.yahoomail.com you should try this ideas.

www.yahoomail.com – Create Yahoo Mail Account

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    I have a yahoomail account but I forgot my password, how do I recover it?

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      click on forget password fill in the details on the security questions you will be-given a reset password

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